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Essential Clothing Items For Smart Casual

Smart casual is the common office attire in a modern-day working environment. The thing is, it isn’t an easy outfit to style. A lot of people panic when it comes to a smart-casual code but there is no reason to. As soon as you know the essential pieces of clothing that are worn for smart-casual, your life will become a lot easier.

It isn’t just the office environment where you can wear smart-casual attire. A lot of restaurants and high-end bars will also ask for this dress code. However, the smart-casual outfit that you would wear in an office is much different to what you would wear in a club or a restaurant. One of the benefits of a smart casual dress code at work is that you can walk straight into a bar after work without anyone judging you. Moreover, here are the essential pieces that a man should wear for their smart-casual outfits.


First, we have a blazer. Every man should own one of these because they own a suit that they needed to wear previously. A blazer is a jacket that can add another layer and it won’t be too warm for you inside either. It is one of the most elegant pieces of clothing that a man could wear which is why it makes a great item for smart casual attire.

There are many blazers out there that you can wear however, some are more casual than others. Some blazers will have padding on the shoulders which are the ones that you should avoid. Wear a blazer which doesn’t have padded shoulders, that way it is a much more casual outfit. Plus, it looks much better. The blazer can be worn at both a bar and in the office which is why it is such a good item to wear.

Oxford Shirts

Next up, we have the oxford shirt which is more appropriate for office wear. We wouldn’t suggest that you wear this in a bar or when you are going out for food, simply because it is way too formal for those occasions. There are many different styles of oxford shirts as well as different colours. Plus, you can either go with a branded shirt or an unbranded shirt, depending on what you would usually wear. Moreover, if you want a more casual style, we suggest wearing a branded version as this will give you that casual look.



Drawstring Trousers

Finally, we have drawstring trousers and we do not expect you to own these already. Simply because they are relatively new to the fashion industry. Nonetheless, they are something that you should own, especially in 2022.

These particular trousers can be worn anywhere you like however they are not easy to style. With this type of outfit, we suggest that you wear a plain t-shirt of some sort. You could also wear something long-sleeved if the temperature is lower than usual. If you wish to keep up with modern fashion trends, these are the types of trousers that you should be wearing.


So there you have it, three essential pieces for smart casual. It is a great way to level up your style so now you have no excuse to be wearing tracksuits when you are going out for the day. However, there is no better casual look than streetwear for men.