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How to Wear Street Clothing Like an Adult

In recent years, streetwear has become extremely popular. Whether this is the rise of Gen Z and their hypebeast culture or just a comfy alternative that more people are adopting. Streetwear is extremely versatile as it could be anything from tracksuits to something more complicated with off cut patterns, the options are endless.


With this being said, we have an ageing population, meaning there are more grown-ups than adultescents which will provide some barriers for this industry as it is seen as a young person style. This style is unavoidable and it is much comfier than the more formal alternative. In this article, we will go through some tips on how to wear streetwear like a grown-up by avoiding the hype beast culture.

Start with your feet

Many people would agree that footwear makes the outfit, especially the case with streetwear for men. Picking the right pair of trainers to define your style sounds easier than it actually is, it can be difficult as there are so many choices. You could opt for a unique bold pair of Airmax or a simple yet luxury pair of Alexander McQueen’s for a more versatile shoe.


The difference between streetwear for men and younger people is that adults will pick trainers they like rather than what is currently on-trend, but this won’t work as you will have nothing to go with it which looks ridiculous on an adult.

Go fitted, not baggy or skinny

Wearing a fit that you feel comfortable with is obviously the best way to go, but if you are unsure of the fit you want, a tailored look is becoming more trending than that of skinny or muscle fit. A fitted style shouldnt be skinny jeans or muscle fit tees, instead, look for more defined looks that have more purpose.


Many feel like skinny fits are uncomfortable so a fitted alternative is a great choice. This can sometimes look as if you don’t care about what you wear if you have too baggy clothes, so go for something between skinny and baggy.

Keep it simple

Have you noticed that the younger people wearing streetwear are wearing different prints together that contrast and just don’t match? Well, this is due to many luxury brands opting for this, but it only looks good on the catwalk when you’re expecting to see some sort of wacky outfit, but as an adult, this is difficult to pull off. Instead, stick to simplicity with block colours with some slight graphic tees or hoodies, but nothing straying further from this.

Go for quality, not quantity

Streetwear clothing is derived from hip hop and skater culture and old workwear brands like Dickies. Usually, these pieces are long-lasting and high quality, but as an adult, chances are you are not going to be skating anymore. Instead, opt for lightweight premium materials that offer a better look without looking cheap or heavy. This can be the hardest part to get right, but equally the least important as if it looks good and you feel good, then that is what it is all about.